NO “I” IN FRENDS - 6.20.14

Lots of collaboration happening in our world today at the ridge. With six days to go, the only way this dream is going to come alive is through us coming together as a unified crew.

We had people traveling everywhere from Rutland to Brattleboro on the hunt for last minute treasures and magic. We’re loving Scotty’s concept of jenk. There are so many materials in your own backyard that you can reuse and create with.

With all the building going on we’re more and more grateful for the healthy snacks that frends are sending to Timber Ridge. Lee Whiting from Deep River Snacks showed up on our doorstep a few weeks back and we were super inspired by his story. Deep River Snacks is committed to only making snacks that are “certified” gluten-free, and they also highlight a different charity on every flavor, using their product packaging to promote awareness for various causes. The Aged Horseradish Cheddar features our fellow snowboarder, Chris Klug’s Foundation. Look for Lee’s crew next weekend, they are generously raising money for Love Your Brain.

We also received a giant shipment of Runa Tea today from our frend Nick McCormick which was welcomed replenishment (and as you can see, the shotgunning continued). After discovering guayusa in the Ecuadorian Amazon (guayusa is a naturally caffeinated tree leaf brewed like tea, consumed early in the morning to help interpret dreams and late at night to provide energy and clarity while hunting in the jungle) the co-founder of Runa Tea, Tyler Gage, wanted to build a business that would respect cultural traditions, support small farmers, and maintain the integrity of the Amazon rainforest. Runa now buys guayusa leaves from over 2,300 farming families. Those leaves are processed in a plant in Ecuador and then shipped to the U.S. where they are shared with a growing number of people…including all of you at the Frendly Gathering.

Signs are being mounted, walls are being nailed up, mushrooms are being painted, and our crew continues to grow. Today we welcomed Paige Skolnick and Ben Ment from NYC. C-bass from Truckee. Amie Thayer also spent the day helping build the brand new Frendly merch zone.

To close the day Danny and Jack capped of their Snowboarder Mag facebook takeover and hosted a live USTREAM session where they gave away a pair of FG tickets. Big thanks to our good frend Pat Bridges for setting it all up.

Let the posivibes continue and live frendly.

- The Frendly Crew


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