The rain continues at the ridge, which is great, because it’s going to make all of the green really pop when you arrive here.

This morning Jack and Danny spent over an hour finalizing every detail of the newly improved shuttle schedule, all the while speaking in drama-filled, ominous voices, set to the soundtrack of Lux Aeterna’s ‘Requiem for a Dream’. Shortly after this “interesting” performance, the crew kicked them out of the office and they headed out in the rain to dig trenches for new super secret features of the fest.

Chef Courtney spent the day in Albany, NY shopping for brain fuel to keep the crew healthy and happy. Never underestimate the power of leafy greens, chia seeds and lots of jasmine tea. 

Around lunchtime our new resident comedian, Danny D, dropped back into the office for a mid-day hula hoop workout. He will be attending our brand spankin’ new hooping workshop at the Gathering, probably looking something like this.

In other news, Squid carried out his final audition to be an official masseuse at the Gathering and has promised 5 minute massages to everyone on the crew this week (now that this is public, he can’t back out).

We were happy to have the Simpson sisters back at the ridge after a few days spent in New York doing some vintage buying for the Gathering.

The final lineup — from music to activities — is looking super solid thanks to Jack & Cara and all of our incredible partners. The Burton Snowboards teepee will be in full effect, as well as a brand new surprise space hosted by our frends at Martin Guitars

Same time same place tomorrow.

- The Frendly Crew

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